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Italians love children which makes it easy to go out with children at any age. They are very family orientated and try to please you whatever you want to do with your children. Children can go to bars, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs – accompanied of course. If an adult can do it children will probably be doing it too.



Lanciano has two reasonable playgrounds. The best playground is in Fossacesia and caters for a wide age range. There is even room to kick a football about, play hide and seek and cycle with your bike. Most beaches have small play areas for children, the one at San Vito is quite good. Near Lanciano there is the Serranella reserve (WWF) where you can see tortoises, turtles and birds in their natural habitat



Swimming pools


For small children and aqua-gym there is the “Sporting” swimming pool in Lanciano. For bigger kids and grown ups, there is “L’Uliveto” – a much larger pool. L’Uliveto is covered in the winter and then uncovered in the summer. There isn’t one swimming pool with a baby and grown up pool.

Just after Lama Dei Peligni towards Palena there is a fun out door swimming pool for the summer. There is another similar out-door pool with a slide at Torino di Sangro, too.



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