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Sports and hobbies

Thanks to a wild and varied nature in Abruzzo it is possible to practice a lot of exciting and challenging sports. The paths, rocky cliffs, rivers and the miles of coastline are ideal for sportsmen and women.

Mountain sports

Hiking, mountain–biking, horse riding, excursions can be practised everywhere. Mountain guides and the Italian Alpine Club (CAI) organise courses and outings.

In Pizzoferato the farmhouse Antica taverna organizes hiking also for two or three days (tel. 0872/946255).

Abruzzo offers much also for skiing and snowboarding lovers. In Abruzzo there are excellent infrastructure and the most wide and amusing ski run of the Appennino. All ski infrastructures are modern and comfortable and they are located in an extraordinary and natural landscape.

The most important ski resorts in Abruzzo are:

Roccaraso (Aremogna), that is the third biggest ski resort in Italy, Campo Imperatore , Campo Felice , Campo di Giove, Ovindoli, Passo Lanciano and la Majeletta, Pescasseroli, Pescocostanzo and Pizzalto (Roccaraso).

Those who are fascinated by caves will find their habitat in the “Grotte del Cavallone” (Cavallone caves), in the gauge of the Majella or in the “Grotte di Stiffe” close to the Aterno valley.

Sea sports

For people who love sea sports along the whole coast it is possible to do windsurfing and sailing.

In Abruzzo you can spent your holiday fishing along the Adriatic sea or in lake Sant’Angelo (or Lake Casoli) or in Lake Bomba.

Lake Casoli is famous for large and numerous trouts. In both lakes you can fish trouts, carps, chubs and trenches. The best period to fish in the lakes is from late spring to early autumn.

To fish in Italy you need a license for information you can call Chieti office Tel. 08714084214 or Lanciano office Tel. 0872716204.

Others sports and hobbies

Horse lovers can choose from many riding centres that teach the basics of horse riding and other centres that organise excursions and treks such as Miura Club Centro di Turismo Equestre in Ortona (Tel 0859190644), in Pizzoferrato, Antica Taverna (Tel. 0872946255) and in Lettopalena (Tel. 3492927159).

Horse-riding in Abruzzo is often done in combination with a holiday farmhouse.

The changing altitudes and views make Abruzzo ideal for people who love cycling…dirt tracks, cart tracks and trails across the heights and hills offer some charming itineraries.

The varied landscape and numerous protected areas make Abruzzo a wonderful place for excursions. Environmental school, eco-tourism, cooperatives and mountain guides organise activities for everyone. To relax yourself walking around the four National Parks of Abruzzo!!

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