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All year round entertainment in this antique city. Eucharistic miracle, Cathedral on the bridge, a zoo and theatre. Special recommendation for the Mastro giurato competition at the end of August and the festival from the 14th August to the 17th August. 
 Mastrogiurato - Lanciano Medioeval Festival
The Mediaeval re-enactment of the Mastrogiurato of Lanciano (mediaeval high judge appointment), every year at the last week in August. It includes spectacular events with drumming, flag throwers, fire eaters mediaeval costumes, fireworks, music and of course food.  
Lake Bomba
Summer fun for all the family. The lake offers so much, swimming pools, restaurants, bars, cycle paths, sports, horse riding, hiring canoes, boats or just lie on a bed and watch the children burn off that energy. It is also a fishing lake and you can swim in it too. All this, in completely relaxing woodland, a happy change from the beach to escape those long hot summer days. 
Fairy Wonderland - Caramanico and "Le Scalelle"
Summer fun for all the family. Caramanico Le Scalelle, have you even seen Tinkerbell and the fairy land, it's just like this. You get told it's fantastic, but unless you bother to climb down all of those stairs and drop 120m you will not see the fairy wonderland which mother-nature created. There is a fairy dust tree, waterfalls, and mid path you even find -Dum Dum give me Gum gum- statue, wonder if he comes alive at night, or maybe this happened only in the Hollywood films !? Fun aside, it is the most spectacular walks and canary mother nature has created. The walk took us 2,5 hours as we just kept stopping and admiring the beauty of the place. If you fancy doing it - Remember good shoes and drinking water.                                                                            
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White Water Rafting Casoli
White Water Rafting in Abruzzo, what an experience!
I have to admit I thought I would get a big group together and use them as an excuse to try it out, as I was so scared about it. But now I feel almost silly that I felt like that, it was AWSOME!!!! The instructors where so nice and professional and made the experience just a complete fun event! It all started with getting to Civitella Messer Raimondo, what a view! The lake turquoise green and did I mention the view!
Two hours of excitement, a refreshing change.  
San Giovanni in Venere
All year round fun, especially for warm sun in the winter. Fossacesia offers an excellent architectural example of a gothic Abbey at the golf of San Giovanni in Venere and the beach is perfect for relaxing walks. 
Tree Climbing
Summer fun for all the family, climbing trees in complete safety. This is located just outside Guardiagrele. The main town is also famous for its iron work.  
The "Anello di Serramonacesca" is the most beautiful mountain walk in the forests with lots of waterfalls, views, towers and an ancient tombs where it's said that it's haunted by ghosts on the night of Halloween...ooooooh! 
Eating on a Trabocco
Perhaps the largest and most important of the Trabocchi is situated on the Rocca San Giovanni coastline, the restaurant -Trabocco Punta Cavalluccio- sources its set menu from the daily catch of the Trobocco. Its traditional food can include mouth watering stuffed mussels to delicious octopus salad.
The Grottos of the Cavallone
Le Grotte del Cavallone, Lama Dei Peligni.Take a cable car up the mountain side with a breath-taking view. This is followed by a half an hour walk up the steps to the entrance of the grottos. You wait for the guide and he takes you for an hour and a half treck into the heart of the mountain. Walk back down to the cable cars and have a spot of lunch (the food is surprisingly good) Cable car down. Fantastic scenery, and a challenge for most.    
Campo Imperatore
Summer period only, the Gran Sasso mountain top observatory, a strong hold, and the castle ending with cheese making. Family fun for the whole day.
Torino di Sangro Park
All year round walks and summer beaches.Both sea side town below and original, old medieval town above. Offering long sandy beaches, natural reserve for a peaceful walk and a thick forest by the beach.  

All year round hiking in low level mountains. Surrounded by forest and sheer rock faces.    
Roccaraso Skiing
The biggest ski resort in Italy, excluding the Alps. The town also offers skiing and snow boarding for all levels. There is also a swimming pool, ice skating, shops, bars and restaurants. Winter only.  
Punta Aderci Vasto
Summer period. Unspoilt beach with two trabocchi in one of the few locations where you can watch the sun set in the Adriatic. Hire canoes for a gentle trip in the sea to watch the sun set.    
Eramo di San Bartolomeo
A long, steep trek takes you to this interesting hermitage carved into the rock face. Avoid in the winter months.

Fara San Martino
All year round walks, better in the summer. The Pasta Valley of Abruzzo, located at the foot of the Majella Mountain, with plenty of streams, rivers and waterfalls to make this a perfect picnic site. There is also the gorge of San Martino, inside which there is the ruins on an Abbey and further still, a monastery. The town of Fara San Martino offers bars and restaurants and is full of original character.
San Vito Chietino (Marina)
Lively all year round, so especially attractive out of season for a trip to get much needed warmth and sun through the winter. Sandy beaches, great ice-cream and sea food.
Casoli and the Lake
All year round visit, to this typical, real Abruzzo town. There is a castle and church, patisseries, bars, boutiques, restaurants and a fishing lake, under the medieval watchtower La Torretta.  
Passo Lanciano and Skiing
Passo Lanciano is a ski resort. For those who don?t ski, enjoy the walks in the snow, hot chocolates and spectacular views. Recommended for the Winter.
Burning Hay Colums One Witer's Evening
Fara Filiorum Petri and 'le farchie'. Around the 15th January every year, there is a striking celebration, lasting several days. The build up starts with the different quarters competing against each other with various offerings as the main festival is prepared. The highlight is a final procession taking bound-hay-columns 'le farchie' , of around 20 foot tall, to the main square and then burning these columns whiles local people and spectators sing, eat and are merry around the dozen or so fires. You really feel part of this re-enactment of how the town avoided an attack in Roman times by burning the hay and making a lot of noise so the on-coming army thought the town had already been conquered.                                                                                                                      
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Carnival Crazy Street Party
Carnival in Francavilla Family crazy street fun, trow confetti at complete strangers, watch the floats drive past and enjoy the music and dancing. Don't take your best clothes as you will get messy. Advise to have a hot chocolate to finish the evening off.  
Tremiti islands
Uncontaminated nature, crystal clear water, a variety of colours from the soundings, the fascinating history, all this makes the Tremiti Islands a tourist stop-over point which no lover of the sea should miss out on, accessible only by boat from Termoli(1 hour) or Pescara(3 hours). They include: the island of S. Domino, the largest and the most popular for tourists and completely covered by a wonderful pine forest in Pino d'Aleppo; the island of S. Nicola, the administrative, historical and religious capital; the island of Caprara the distant and uninhabited Pianosa and some rocks amongst which ?il Cretaccio? and ?la Vecchia?.
There are a lot of tourist attractions in a walking distance ( no cars). The splendid Cala delle Arene, Cala degli Inglesi and Cala Matano, to spend whole days in the sun, bathing in crystal clear water. It is also possible to admire the beauty of the coastal formations like rocks (Scoglio dell'Elefante), isolated crags (I Pagliai) and natural arches (l'Architiello). Then there are the mysterious caves: Grotta delle Viole with its vertically rocks, Grotta delle Rondinelle, Grotta del Sale where the smuggled salt was hidden, the Grotta del Bue Marino, 70 m in length and the ancient refuge of the monk seal with the overhanging high cliff called Ripa dei Falconi where the Eleonora's falcon, the Peregrine and the Cory's Shearwater nest.. On S. Domino there are some Diving Centres where, amongst other things, you can book a guided tour both around the Islands. However, the Tremiti islands are not only sea. A visit to S. Nicola means a trip back into the past: just by looking at the walls of the Fortress you can re-live the history of a warring abbey struggling against the Saracen or Dalmatian pirates.                                                                                                                           
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